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Indian Therapies

J Wellness Circle presents traditional therapies inspired by the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India and rituals of Indian royalty.

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Pehlwãn Mãlish (Warrior Massage) 90 mins £200

For Centuries, Indian wrestlers have taken powerful messages. Experience this traditional vigorous massage with either our signature aromatherapy oil or mustard oil which is extremely good for the skin and relieves aching, sore and tense muscles.

Indian Aromatherapy | 60 mins £120

During this indulgent massage, our essential signature oils are generously applied and absorbed through the skin, circulating their relaxing and therapeutic throughout your body. You can choose from our bespoke range of all natural energising, relaxing or detoxifying blends.

Pãda Mardanã (Indian Foot Massage) 60 mins £100

A sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. This treatment benefits the entire body by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet. A royal extravagance for weary feet.

Champi (Indian Head Massage) | 45 mins £90

This luxuriant hair invigorating treatment is believed to promote hair growth, restore the natural sheen and glossiness of the hair fibre.

Our signature blend of traditional ingredients such as Amla, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Curry leaves and Neem are known to propagate long lasting and enriching benefits. This massage releases muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders, creating a deep sense of relaxation and joy as well as clarity of thought.

J Wellness Circle

Indian Therapies

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