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Holistic Healing Therapies

The ethos of our carefully recreated therapies is inspired by the rich wellness heritage of India. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, these therapeutic experiences are designed to heal and restore. Using natural products, these therapies are performed by specially trained hands and help with enhanced mobility and provide relief.

Each of these therapies comes with a pre-therapy steam ritual and a post-therapy relaxation lounge experience for enhanced efficacy.

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Svastha (Pain Relief) | 120 mins £300

An invigorating therapy using ancient Indian wellness techniques of cupping and fomentation. Your healing process starts with Indian cupping, where the heat in a glass is used to create a vacuum and ease knots and sore points on your back. This is followed by fomentation therapy, an application of a hot compress of therapeutic Indian herbs that works on your tired and sore muscles as you slip into sheer bliss. As a result, the body is re-aligned and the energy flow within is restored.

Complete your experience with our restoring signature beverage.

NIDRA (Sleep) | 120 mins £300

Commence your experience with a hot-water shower to ease out your stress. A full-body relaxing massage with soothing strokes and fragrant bespoke blends with the richness of Kewda, Frankincense, and Brahmi, infused in Sandalwood and Sesame, releases tension and calms your being. A languid face massage of your marma points and a dry scalp massage adds to your serenity.

Slip into a cocoon of tranquillity with our signature beverage.

SHODHANA (Detox) | 120 mins £300

A unique combination of therapies to purify and leave you in an optimum state of well-being. Gharshana - exfoliation is performed using silk gloves to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph, and energy. Our bespoke detox blend with the goodness of Lime, Ginger, and wild Turmeric, combined with the lymphatic drainage technique, works from within, eliminating toxins. A sublime massage performed on the soles of your feet leaves you feeling light and refreshed.

Cleansed anew, you will face the world again, revived, and re-energised.

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Holistic Healing Therapies

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